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JoVision UG and COLLMANN Tire Systems and Services GmbH signed an exclusive licensing agreement for ADR solutions in the Tire Industry. This cooperation allows JoVision to focus on its strengths and further enhance its ADR solutions and at the same time benefit from the strong market postition enjoyed by the Micro-Poise group, the new owner of COLLMANN. 

Automatic Tire Inspection relies on the combination of a well established inspection technology such as X-ray or Laser and an innovative modern technology known as computer vision where the human visual perception is emulated leading to the automation of the decision making process.

Our XRay ADR system is now availble for deployment under the name CollTech ADR. Please click on the following link to be taken to the Collmann website.

1- CollTech ADR: Xray-based Automatic Anomaly Recognition Software...

Available from Collmann Tire systems (member of the Micropoise group)


The product line JoTire Laser it is no longer maintained or developped. Our partners Micropoise have a more advanced and effective systems to offer. Please click on the following link to be taken to the MicroPoise website.

2- Laser Tire Inspection

available directly from MicroPoise


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