Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Collmann


Hamburg on the 01.09.2010:

JoVision UG and COLLMANN Tire Systems and Services GmbH are happy to announce the signing of an exclusive licensing agreement for ADR solutions. This cooperation allows JoVision to focus on its strengths and further enhance its ADR solutions and at the same time benefit from the strong market postition enjoyed by the Micro-Poise group, the new owner of COLLMANN. Moreover, the agreement facilitated the efforts of Micro-Poise in acquiring and restructuring COLLMANN. By acquiring Collmann, and with the addition of a line of Tire X-Ray systems of COLLMANN’s unique technologies and related products, Micro-Poise succeeded in broadening the spectrum of its measurement solutions covering Uniformity, Dynamic Balance, and Geometry Systems.

According to the agreement, JoVision will supply Collmann's new VerTiX line of high precision tire X-ray equipment with JoInspector "the Automatic Tire Defect Recognition Software". In addition to that, JoInspector will be optimised to run on the older product lines of Collmann allowing customers to benefit from all powerful features available in our ADR solutions.

JoVision and Collmann are happy to work under the umbrella of Micro-Poise, the largest tire test and measurement direct sales force in the world, and to be supported by an extensive, trained service and extended distribution network. JoVision and Collmann are looking forward to offer our customers an optimal combination of hardware/software solutions for measurements and testing.

For more information concerning COLLMANN GmbH, please visit the COLLMANN GmbH web page at http://www.collmann.com/ or the new webpage www.collmann.micropoise.com or contact Micro-Poise Measurement Systems, LLC directly at:

Micro-Poise Measurement Systems LLC
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